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  • Heritage to the world

    Heritage to the world

    A life’s work is as vast as it is limited, it is a race against time, because even though the universe is infinite our time is limited. Let us remember that. Dear reader, it is time to order a work that has been a dream in an infinitesimal amount of time. In this I am…

  • (d) World energy in motion

    (d) World energy in motion

    I asked myself, but what’s the point of doing digital art if you don’t add what a paintbrush can’t. So I started animating the energies of my paintings, and buy my first Amiga computer. When I started to move the mouse and paint the energies in motion I made a big smile, nothing was like…

  • (c) Essence of man in the world

    (c) Essence of man in the world

    Human evolution is learned from the study of ancient and contemporary history, while deep analysis of human nature is a multitude of obvious expressions, past and present.

  • (b) Sculpture the ancient man

    (b) Sculpture the ancient man

    As a NewYorker I catapulted myself to Paris, though my parents disagreed, but I knew that though American, Europe was the home of my origins. It was a very fruitful time, where I was studying intensively and in the meantime making my first sculptures. Filiform exoskeletons of ancient man. That’s how my study of the…

  • (a) The world syncronicity

    (a) The world syncronicity

    Does the world move by chance, or do happenings have an unexpected consenguentiality? Analysis of intersectionality between iChing and DNA, between chance is the interconnected mathematics of the tao of physics. Stanley Tomshinsky in 1974 wrote The I Ching Binary System And Natural Phenomena. [extract of a book] In “The Richard Wilhelm Translation of the…