(a) The world syncronicity

Does the world move by chance, or do happenings have an unexpected consenguentiality? Analysis of intersectionality between iChing and DNA, between chance is the interconnected mathematics of the tao of physics.

Stanley Tomshinsky in 1974 wrote The I Ching Binary System And Natural Phenomena.

[extract of a book] In “The Richard Wilhelm Translation of the I Ching” there is a trigram wheel called the “Fu Hsi Sequence of Earlier Heaven”. It dates back 3,000 years. It is symmetrical, but does not follow an exact numerical order. Three pairs of trigrams follow an order, but a forth pair is reversed. Considering the fact that those noble scholars presented this sequence, I made a wheel that produced its eight cycles. The following two pages are scans of the 1978 originals. In the first, hexagrams with the same trigrams are indicated. They are always opposite their counterparts. In the second, each hexagram’s DNA equivalent is noted using the previously indicated method.

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